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You can download:

Link Description
Download (12mb)
DEMO version of Samplisizer v.1.2.24 including a half of the sample base v.1.0 in 128kbps sample rate.
Download (3mb)
Samplisizer DEMO update from ver. 1.2 to ver. 1.2.24.
Download (4mb)
Samplisizer Tutorials v.1.2.24


What's new in Samplisizer 1.2.24?

  • added move samples command in the library menu
  • added calc BPM button in the sample property dialog
  • added choosing library bank by the Select Set menu
  • improved sample naming on adding
  • improved finding of cell position by mouse click
  • improved region working while playing
  • improved adding sample algorithm, increased speed for big samples
  • fixed Leave Data As Is behavior checkbox on New
  • fixed long delay then opening .ncp outside Sz
  • fixed pan/fade/shift ruler release bug
  • fixed pan/fade of the side nodes by selecting Adjust in a menu
  • fixed library drawing bug on adding sample
  • fixed min BPM bug then using fast BMP buttons
  • fixed empty project name bug
  • fixed program thread safety bug
  • fixed load song on startup win98 bug
  • fixed sound callback allocating memory bug
  • fixed sound channel locking bug then effects are on
  • updated Sz tutorials, fixed .wcp in tutorials

What's new in Samplisizer 1.2.06?

  • fixed red news Main menu item behavior

What's new in Samplisizer 1.2.05?

  • added Western (ISO) char set to Sz fonts
  • fixed waiting bug then trying exit Sz while rendering a sample
  • fixed waiting bug then trying exit the options dialog after flushing
  • fixed popup window crash bug
  • fixed channel selection bug in the edit menu

What's new in Samplisizer 1.2?

  • added automatic tempo matching algorithm for wave/mp3 files
  • added http notification feature
  • improved the equalizer speed
  • fixed Windows NT bug on Sz startup
  • fixed DEMO installer browse for tutorials bug
  • improved auto-on channel feature

What's new in Samplisizer 1.0.10?

  • improved the render speed (greatly)
  • updated the About dialog
  • added three songs in the trial version
  • fixed save as... extension bug
  • fixed empty mp3 rendering bug
  • fixed open wcp disorder bugs
  • fixed opening last original loop bug
  • fixed panorama glitches
  • fixed small region loop bug
  • fixed BIG memory allocating bug


System Requirements:

  • Intel Pentium processor
  • Microsoft Windows 9x/2K/XP
  • Windows, 16 bit, 44100 Hz, stereo - compatible sound card
  • VGA display with 800x600 16bit settings or higher
  • 32 MB RAM
  • 200 MB of hard disk space for program installation